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Ulf Enhörning I am an artist, musician and programmer (AMP).

These three disciplines have been my main focus. The combination of them, I imagine has helped me find balance between the world of imagination and logic.

Presently, there are 958 paintings here on this site. 161 of these are for sale.

All the paintings are organized in a database, allowing you to select groups of paintings through your choices of categories, sizes, formats and themes. You can sort the paintings by title, price, year, width, height or size.

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I hope you will find your visit to worthwhile!

Art is food for my soul,

Ulf Enhörning

- computer generated images.


Since my early twenties, I have written songs in both english and swedish. Songs about life, about love, true and fictional, humorous and serious. I have also composed and produced a number of instrumental pieces with computer programs for music.

You can listen to many of my songs and read my song lyrics .

Flash animations

These animations and images can be seen here. I have written innovative flash/actionscript programs for animations and static images. Properties of shapes, such as xy-position, width, height, rotation, colour and transparency, are changed through time.

Many of the animations feel organic as they simulate natural movements. The sine wave function is especially useful for creating non-linear smooth movements.

World Peace Sign

The world peace sign is my vision of world peace expressed in an elegant arrangement of all the world flags into a multi-cultured colourful image.

What better way to say World Peace pictorially?!

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