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Ulf Enhörning I am an artist, musician and programmer (AMP).

These three disciplines are my main focus. At times I feel passionate about expressing myself through my brush on a canvas. Then I will switch to writing songs or composing electronic music. And other times, I will feel the need to enter the unambiguous world of pure logic and write software for computer graphics, animations or music.

Below are links to my music, computer graphics and animations and last but not least my World Peace Sign.

Presently, there are 968 paintings here on this site. 151 of these are for sale.

All the paintings are organized in a database, allowing you to select groups of paintings through your choices of categories, sizes, formats and themes. You can sort the paintings by title, price, year, width, height or size.

If you have any questions about my art or my website, please don't hesitate to email me:

I hope you will find your visit to worthwhile!

Art is food for my soul,

Ulf Enhörning

   Upcoming Exhibitions (3)

 Feb 4 - 5, 2023    Group Exhibition
(begins in 10 weeks)

Art Eindhoven
Eindhoven, Netherlands
 Apr 7 - 10, 2023    Solo Exhibition
(begins in 18 weeks and 6 days)

Ateljé Enhörning
Österfärnebo, Sweden
 Jul 29 - Aug 6, 2023    Group Exhibition
(begins in 35 weeks)

Konst i Gysinge
Gysinge, Sweden
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Since my early twenties, I have written many songs in both english and swedish. Songs about my life, about love, philospical songs, both humorous and serious. I have also composed and produced a number of instrumental pieces with music software.

Flash animations

These graphic images were made by a program I invented and wrote. The program duplicates a simple visual object, such as a circle, and gradually varies its xy-coordinates, width, height, rotation, colour and transparency with each new duplication.

Flash animations

These abstract flash animations use the same idea as the graphics program above except now the properties of a visual object are gradually changed through time. Many of the animations feel organic as they simulate natural movements by using the sine wave function for creating non-linear smooth movements.

World Peace Sign

The World Peace Sign is made up of 208 colourful national flags arranged in alphabetical order starting with Afghanistan at the top of the outer circle and ending with Zimbabwe at the bottom of the right side diagonal.
What better way to say World Peace with out the use of words?!

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